1. Introduction to TSLab. Downloading, Configuration and Basic Settings.

In this Lesson you will learn :

  • Program installation,configuration, basic settings
  • How to organize and customize your workspace 
  • How to manage data providers for different instruments
  • Historical quotes. How to get the data in TSLab
  • Charts. Properties, editor window, main settings
  • Practical tips for solving possible problems

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Practical TIP!

Issue: after downloading the quotes/ offline data you try to plot a chart and see an empty window. The chart stays empty and shows no data.

Solution: go to Chart Properties (right-click) - find the "Use initial date" field- untick the checkbox.

Click to see a screenshot

Lesson 1 Homework 

  1. Install TSLab. Click here to download. Save and customize your configuration.
  2. Download historical futures quotes for SP 500 E Mini/ ES (Quotes>CME Futures>Continuous>ES). Click here
  3. Create a futures data provider for CME.
  4. Create a futures chart for ES, set the timeframe to 30 minutes. 
  5. Plot the volume and ATR values ​​to separate chart  panels. (Hint: search in the toolbar under “Indicators”).