Algo Trading with TSLab: Pro Package

Learn to build trading algos without coding

Learn step by step how to build a trading bot without coding. Unlock your algorithmic trading potential with our training course for non-programmers, Algo Trading with TSLab: Pro Package. Create, test and deploy your own automated trading strategies using TSLab software, an all-in-one solution for all your algorithmic trading needs. Thanks to a drag-and-drop visual editor you can easily turn your ideas into algos without a single line of code.

This online, self-paced course has comprehensive lessons and support from expert instructors. After completion, you will be able to create trading algos for any instrument and any market supported by your broker.


  • # 1 Choice for algorithmic trading in Russia and CIS
  • All- in-One solution to build, backtest and run your own trading robots
  • Trading platform for any instrument, any market supported by your broker
  • Comprehensive trading technology with extensive features for retail traders of all levels


  1. Coding knowledge NOT required
  2. FREE to build, backtest and optimize your strategy & trade simulation
  3. Instant notifications via e-mail or Telegram messenger
  4. TSLab Live – monitor performance of your algos from any device - PC, mobile or tablet. Share your live screen with the trading community, friends, mentors and investors using Dropbox or Google Drive
  5. Concurrent access to multiple exchanges - a wealth of arbitrage opportunities
  6. Secure Script Container to protect your valued strategies
  7. Built-in Risk Management module

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Algo Trading with TSLab: Pro Package will help you gain confidence to automate your trading strategies in TSLab and validate your trading ideas. During the course, you will create trading algos for:

  • Parabolic SAR, moving average crossover, and Bollinger Bands signals
  • Pin bar, high/low breakouts and pullback setups
  • Double top/bottom; Head & Shoulders
  • MACD Divergence, sideways price trends
  • On-Balance-Volume (OBV) Indicator

Some of the Covered Topics Include:

  • Position management — market, limit, stop orders
  • Working with multiple time frames
  • Optimization — principles and recommendations on how to avoid overfitting
  • Settings for real-time trading and deploying bots.


This course is designed for ANYONE who is interested in automating their own trading strategies without coding.

The study material is presented in a clear and logical way. We break down complex and technical ideas into smaller, manageable parts,so Anyone Can Understand Them. After the first two lessons you will create your first simple fully functional trading robot.

Each lesson is accompanied by homework with practical activities to consolidate the knowledge you have gained and build up your skills. A detailed quiz after every lesson will help you test and remember the key takeaways from the study material.


4 levels, 13 Lessons + Homework + Quiz

✅ Free Access to TSLab Practical Workshops, current and futures

✅ Email Support, the average response time is 24 hrs

📍 Bonus - Advanced TSLab module with 10 fractal indicators 'Algotradinglab'



Liberate yourself from these common myths and take the first step to the life you deserve

MYTH # 1

I need to be a programmer or have a PhD in Maths or Physics

TSLab has a unique feature - a visual strategy editor with drag-and-drop interface. Just by using a set of smart logical blocks, you can build fully- or partly-automated algorithmic trading strategies for any market. No programming skills or knowledge of languages and formulas required!

MYTH # 2

I need to have expensive proprietary software for algo trading

TsLab offers cutting-edge technology with extensive features for retail traders of all levels. It does NOT cost a dime to build and test trading robots on historical data in TS Lab. It is built by traders for traders.

When you are READY to trade live then you pay a Connection Fee to your broker.

MYTH # 3

I can buy a ready-made trading robot or expert advisor from a guru and make money with little effort

Do you really understand how they work? Why do these people sell them to you if they are so profitable?

So, stop wasting your hard-earned money on some wishful things. Start building your own logical robots and significantly increase your chances of long- term success in financial markets.

This is what our students can do after several lessons

Your Instructor

Pavel Tselischev
Pavel Tselischev

Pavel Tselischev is a professional trader with over 13 years of experience in trading stocks, options and futures in different markets. Pavel is incredibly knowledgeable about algorithmic trading and TSLab. He started using TSLab about 5 years ago and since then it has become his passion and his bread-and-butter. In this course he is delighted to share his knowledge and experience with the English speaking trading community.

Sylvia Chardonnay is an experienced stock trader with 5 + years' experience. Sylvia runs a portfolio of trading bots in TSLab, trading on NYSE and NASDAQ. Sylvia will guide you through this course to ensure you have the best learning experience.

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Course Curriculum

  Algo Trading with TSLab: Pro Package. Levels 1-4
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days after you enroll

Course Requirements

To get the most out this course and enjoy the learning process you would need to know:

  • The foundations of trading
  • The main concepts such as support and resistance levels, trend, chart patterns, trading strategies
  • The format of price charts, how to use market, limit, stop orders to enter/exit a position
  • Common technical analysis indicators - moving averages, MACD, RSI etc.

You would need to have a strong desire to learn and become a successful retail trader

The Technical Bit

  • Windows Operating System
  • Personal computer with stable internet
  • Basic knowledge of PC and Windows: how to install a program, organize workspace, download files and work with folders, and text editor

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Course Reviews

This TSLab training course will help you create trading robots for any market without programming skills. The course is based on practical material, well-structured and clearly presented by authors, trading teachers.

I highly recommend taking this course to both beginners and experienced traders to successfully create algorithmic strategies .”

Andrey Artyshko

CEO & Co-founder of TSLab